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Summer : Boys

Summer : Girls

Red short-sleeved golf shirt (with emblem) Red Short-sleeved golf shirt
Navy bermudas Navy Culottes
Navy anklets with two red stripes Navy anklets with two red stripes
Tackies- black or blue OR black school shoes Tackies- black or blue OR black school shoes
Compulsory – STC hat STC hat


Winter: Girls and Boys

  • STC tracksuit
  • Long sleeved white school shirt
  • STC jersey
  • Long STC socks.
  • Black tackies
  • Navy STC Jersey



  • Girls - plain black one piece costume
  • Boys – plain black speedo type costume
  • Plain towel

PE / Sport Uniform: BOYS and GIRLS

  • Navy Blue T-shirt
  • Navy shorts
  • Blue ankle socks

School bag :

  • STC School bag
  • Plain navy or black bag


  1. Nails should be short and clean. No nail varnish, or clear varnish or French manicures allowed.
  2. No make-up may be worn. No shiny lip-gloss or lipstick is allowed. No colour contact lenses may be worn.
  3. A simple watch with a small face and simple strap is allowed. Girls with pierced ears may wear small gold or silver studs or sleepers (one earring per ear) in lower ear lobe only, NO GLASS, PEARL OR OTHER STUDS.  No other piercings allowed. Should such piercings be seen, pupils will have to remove the adornment and they will be confiscated for a period of a two months. No charity bands or other bracelets may be worn. A traditional bracelet may be worn only if parents have received the Principal’s permission. A Rosary is not a necklace, and should a child wish to have a Rosary she must keep it in her pocket. If a cross / crucifix is to be worn it must be on a fine chain and out of sight.
  4. You may not have visible tattoos.
  5. Only official school badges may be worn.
  6. Repair of uniforms. All items of uniform that are torn or frayed must be mended or replaced. This applies in particular to the hems of dresses and jerseys as well as “V” of the short and long sleeve jerseys


  1. No littering is allowed, nor wastage of water and electricity.
  2. Pupils may not use the office telephone except in an emergency.
  3. Certain school functions such as the inter-house events, Prize-giving, Drama events and any school functions in which the pupils are directly involved, must be attended.
  4. Pupils must have all necessary books, stationery and sports equipment at all relevant
  5. Homework must be done on time as instructed and the Academic Programme of the school is to be adhered to. The rules of classrooms, the library and computer rooms must be adhered to. Lost library books must be replaced or paid for.
  6. Pupils must not eat in the streets when wearing school uniform. Chewing gum is totally banned
  7. Each pupil is encouraged to take part in at least one extra-mural activity per term.
  • Contravention of any rule which falls under Group A in the STC Code of Conduct will result in detention given to the offender. Depending on the severity of the transgression the learner could immediately be asked to attend a disciplinary hearing.
  • After 3 detentions the learner will be reported to the Principal.
  • A written record will be made and kept of this meeting