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STC School Hair Policy

The principles behind this new policy is neatness and simplicity

What Is Acceptable


  • Natural hair
    • Short or long natural hair should be neatly combed or brushed at ALL times.
    • Dreadlocks must be well maintained and clean. Only pencil size dreadlocks will be allowed.
  • Relaxed hair
    • Long hair must be tied at the base of the neck (at the back) in a neat single ponytail. This must not be flipped up to make a fountain.
    • A black or blue alice band may be used to keep hair tidy.
  • Braided Hairstyles - extensions
    • Singles tied into a single ponytail.
    • Straight back braids. Must not be thicker than a pencil.
    • Bonding, long enough to be tied into a ponytail.
    • Braids the same as your natural colour will be allowed that do not touch the collar.
    • Reasonable shoulder length braids will be allowed.
  • Plaited Hair
    • All hair plaited
  • Hair Accessories
    • Only simple black / navy blue tie backs.
    • Only simple black / navy blue Alice bands.
  • Hair Accessories
    • Only simple black / navy blue tie backs.
    • Only simple black / navy blue Alice bands.


  • Natural hair only
  • Shaved hair
  • Short hair, neatly combed or brushed at all times
  • Hair may not touch the collar or reach below the collar

What Is Not Acceptable


  • Natural Hair
    • Dyed (coloured) hair.
    • Shaved patterns cut into short hair.
    • A hairstyle of varying lengths.
    • Short dreadlocks.
  • Relaxed Hair

    No extreme hairstyles will be allowed i.e funky hairstyles such as:

    • Beehive hairstyle
    • Waterfall hairstyle
    • No highlighted hair or dyed (coloured)  hair
    • No gelling of hair (use of gel)
  • Braided Hairstyles
    • No hair sticking up, hanging in or covering the face.
    • No big hair such as the dread bulk, hot water, beehive style, unboiled switch.
    • No highlighted or (coloured) extensions.
    • No fringe.
    • No braids that are touching the collar and are long.
    • No curly extensions.
    • No short bonded hair.
  • Plaited Hair
    • You may not plait sections of your hair whilst leaving other parts unplaited.
  • Hair Accessories
    • No big bows, flowers or beads to be worn as hair accessories.


  • Plaited hair
  • Dread locks
  • Long hair touching the collar
  • Step haircuts (Mohawk)
  • Patterns cut into hair
  • Hair of different lengths (e.g. longer at front or back)
  • Coloured or highlighted hair
  • No gelling of hair