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Group B


  1. Holidays must not be arranged during the school term and doctor and dental appointments must not be made during school hours if at all possible
  2. School attendance is compulsory including at the beginning and end of term (first and last day). If a child is absent on a particular day due to illness, the parent must phone the school before 8:30am to report this.
  3. Bunking, or the non-attendance of school without a valid reason is a serious offence.-SERIOUS
  4. A letter of explanation or a Doctors certificate must be handed to the respective class teacher by a pupil on his/her return to school after absenteeism of any description. These letters etc. must be filed by the class teacher.
  5. All pupils are to take part in sport lessons held during school hours. Only valid, written excuses will be accepted.
  6. Pupils must be punctual for all lessons and school events, including line-up and getting to class after break. No loitering around the school premises is allowed.
  7. All learners must be at school by 7:45am.
  8. School finishes at 13h30 (gr 00- gr 1) Gr 2 – 7 at 2pm


Cell phones are not allowed to be brought to school by children.  If a parent wishes their child to have a cell phone on them for emergencies when travelling to and from school, they must notify the school office in writing and the child must hand the phone in for safe keeping before 07:40am and collect it when they go home.  Children who are collected from the school by car or taxi may not bring phones to school. 

The school will not accept responsibility for any cell phone brought to school.  Any phone found at school (except in the circumstances above) will be confiscated for 2 months and returned on payment of a R100 fine.  Other electronic equipment (e.g. CD players, ipods, earphones, MP3 players and any other technological equipment) may not be brought to school.  Toys may not be brought to school. 


  1. Pupils are to be courteous to staff members and their fellow pupils. Insolence and disobedience will not be tolerated.-SERIOUS
  2. When moving about the school, pupils should move quietly, quickly and in an orderly way, keeping to the left on the stairs. -SERIOUS
  3. Loud, in-considerate behaviour will not be tolerated.-SERIOUS
  4. Swearing, Blasphemy, foul language and abusive language and threats are forbidden.-SERIOUS
  5. Pupils are not permitted to enter the staff room unless instructed to do so by a staff member.
  6. Pupils should behave in keeping with the ethos and values of the school whether inside the school, on public transport and outings-SERIOUS
  7. Thieving is absolutely not allowed at school.


  1. Once they have arrived at school, pupils may not leave the school premises until the end of the day for any reason without permission of the Principal. They may not leave to purchase food from vendors of any description outside the school grounds nor from shops. Children staying at school for evening functions may not leave the premises.-SERIOUS
  2. Sanitary wear is to be disposed in the bins provided.
  3. Permission by a teacher for a pupil to leave a classroom, for whatever reason, is necessary during lessons.-SERIOUS
  4. Pupils are to vacate the classrooms during break unless it is extremely cold and/or wet and permission has been granted by the Principal to be in the classrooms.
  • If the learner continues to contravene the rules, which falls under Group A or B the Principal – at her discretion may call in the parents of the student concerned.
  • If the learner continues to contravene the rules which fall under Group A and/or B and has attended a Disciplinary Hearing, suspension or expulsion may result.