Be Responsible

  • Obey the school Rules.
  • Listen.
  • Follow Instructions.
  • When you agree to do something, do it.
  • Answer for your own actions.
  • Take care of your own matters.
  • Be trustworthy.
  • Always use your head.
  • Don't put things off.

Be Prepared

  • Be at school on time.
  • Have the correct books and stationery.
  • Have your diary with you.
  • Complete all homework and projects.
  • Dress appropriately, example: Sports
  • Move quickly and orderly.

Be Respectful

  • Respect those in your school family.
  • Have respect for yourself, others ant the environment.
  • Be courteous to all.
  • Use appropriate language,
  • Use equipment appropriately.
  • No class disruptions.
  • No bullying.
  • No stealing
  • No in-appropriate behaviour

Be Aware

  • Remember that the Common Good is greater than your own needs.
  • Only tell the truth.
  • Think before you speak or act.
  • Use a controlled tone of voice.

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Teacher: (Minor)

  • Handle in Classroom
  • Problem Solve
  • Teacher Determined Consequences
  • Teacher reports on Tracking Sheet
  • Follow up if problem occurs

Teacher: (Serious)

  • Student sent to Office
  • Teacher completes Incident Book
  • Principal investigates and takes appropriate action
  • Parents contacted

Very Serious Behaviour Problems

  • Teacher contacts office immediately
  • Teacher writes a report and students in Gr 4 to 7 to write reports
  • Principal investigates matter
  • Parents contacted
  • Action decided by the Principal
  • Could be placed directly on Disciplinary Process