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Our beautiful school and it’s rich history

St Theresa’s Convent School is a Holy Family School based in Coronationville for over 60 years. In 1887 the first Holy Family Sisters arrived in Johannesburg, which was a town of mixed population and a few permanent buildings. The population was increasing every day as diggers arrived from all parts of the world to look for Gold on the Witwaterstrand. The First concern of the sisters was to educate the children and to care for the sick. They opened a little fee-paying school in Fox Street, and two years later in 1889, they started a Parochial school in President Street with St Theresa as its patroness.

All were welcome and since it was not a fee-paying school, it quickly grew. The school in Fox street moved out of its cramped quarters to a more suitable site in End street and the school in President street continued to be staffed by sisters of the End street community.

As Johannesburg grew and changed the pupils had to come a long way to school, which was in the rapidly growing commercial district, so a plan was made to move the school into the newly developed Coronationville area. Negotiations with the government obtained a piece of land near the railway line and the school was built there and opened in 1953. The sisters had a convent on site, which was also used as a Novitiate for the young Girls of South Africa, who were entering the Holy family religious life.

Later these convent buildings were given to the Society of St Vincent de Paul, who wished to build a home for the elderly people of the neighbourhood. In return, they built a convent for the Sisters on the same property which became the Administrative House for the South African Province of the Holy family Sisters. Today the Parish of St Anthony’s, St Theresa’s School and the Holy family Sister’s House; St Frederick Place (for the aged) all stand, one beside the other, backed by the railway line.

The new St Theresa’s was meant to include a High School for Girls but when the new Coronationville High School was opened, it was decided to concentrate on a good Primary School and open the school to boys as well. Since then St Theresa’s has grown and flourished and since 1994 when Apartheid restrictions were no longer in place, has been able to open its doors to all races. It has several new classrooms and was able to extend the playgrounds, to include a Cricket pitch for the boys.

The foundation of our school is Faith-Based. We are a Catholic School with a Catholic ethos. Our values, our Morals, and ideals which we teach to our young learners are founded on the teachings of the church. Religious education and Mass form an integral part of the schooling curriculum.

At St Theresa’s we aim to provide a holistic education for our children. We want them to participate in sports, do well in academics but always having a foundation of spirituality. The School is named after a French Nun, Theresa Martin who joined the order of the Carmelite at the young age of 15. A statuette of her is displayed in our Admin Block. Our school reflects our historical roots in the Catholic Ethos and we strive to animate the spirituality of the school by recognizing its multi-faith dimension.

Staff of 2021

Raylene Nadasen Principal | Bernice Swartz Deputy Principal | Zeena Farrell Bursar
Karen Callaghan Secretary | Bronwin Hendricks Fees Administrator | Brown Phiri Security
Cecilia Stone HOD Educator | Nicole van Buuren HOD Educator | Jennifer Sevell HOD Educator


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