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St. Theresa’s Convent School is a Holy Family Catholic school.  Here the process of education is informed and influenced by the teaching and example of Jesus Christ and is conducted in an atmosphere of care, respect and joy. Holy Family education is committed to the holistic development of each student in an environment of harmonious and active collaboration of parents, staff, pupils and management for the benefit of the whole school community.  Whilst the rights of the individual child are catered for the rights of the “common good” of all in the community are viewed as very important.

In order to prepare pupils to meet the challenges and demands of the future whilst maintaining the high standards of the school in a co-operative environment, the pupils of STC place a high value on respect, truth, loyalty, honesty, justice, compassion and reconciliation.

In doing so each learner must aim to abide by the terms of our Code of Conduct

I undertake to:

  • take every opportunity to develop my spiritual life through service and worship respect the Catholic, Christian faith
  • respect the rights, beliefs and dignity of others in a spirit of tolerance and humility  to aim for excellence in all I do
  • respect my own and other people’s property and the environment
  • behave in a manner that is worthy of myself and of my school
  • uphold the ethos, rules and tradition of the school, with English as the medium of communication in all classes except isiZulu and Afrikaans
  • demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times and display school spirit
  • accept the need to be involved fully in the life of the school and to making my talents and gifts available in the service of the school
  • wear my school uniform with pride and ensure that I am presentable at all times
  • avoid any behaviour that is dishonest, disrespectful or criminal

Central to the Code of Conduct are:

  1. the school rules that I will abide by
  2. the school motto --- For God, In Peace and Joy ---- which I aspire to uphold.




Summer : Boys

Summer : Girls

Red short-sleeved golf shirt (with emblem) Red Short-sleeved golf shirt
Navy bermudas Navy Culottes
Navy anklets with two red stripes Navy anklets with two red stripes
Tackies- black or blue OR black school shoes Tackies- black or blue OR black school shoes
Compulsory – STC hat STC hat


Winter: Girls and Boys

  • STC tracksuit
  • Long sleeved white school shirt
  • STC jersey
  • Long STC socks.
  • Black tackies
  • Navy STC Jersey


PE / Sport Uniform: BOYS and GIRLS

  • Navy Blue shorts
  • STC Navy PT T-shirt
  • Anklet socks navy
  • White takkies

School bag :

  • STC Schoolbag
  • Plain navy or black bag - No different colours will be allowed


  1. Nails should be short and clean. No nail varnish, or clear varnish or French manicures allowed.
  2. No make-up may be worn. No shiny lip-gloss or lipstick is allowed. No colour contact lenses may be worn.
  3. A simple watch with a small face and simple strap is allowed.  No smartwatches or phone watches. Girls with pierced ears may wear small gold or silver studs or sleepers (one earring per ear) in lower ear lobe only, NO GLASS, PEARL OR OTHER STUDS.  No other piercings allowed. Should such piercings be seen, pupils will have to remove the adornment and they will be confiscated for a period of a two months. No charity bands or other bracelets may be worn. A traditional bracelet may be worn only if parents have received the Principal’s permission. A Rosary is not a necklace, and should a child wish to have a Rosary she must keep it in her pocket. If a cross / crucifix is to be worn it must be on a fine chain and out of sight
  4. You may not have visible tattoos.
  5. Only official school badges may be worn.
  6. Repair of uniforms. All items of uniform that are torn or frayed must be mended or replaced. This applies in particular to the hems of dresses and jerseys as well as “V” of the short and long sleeve jerseys


  1. No littering is allowed, nor wastage of water and electricity.
  2. Pupils may not use the office telephone except in an emergency.
  3. Certain school functions such as the inter-house events, Prize-giving, Drama events and any school functions in which the pupils are directly involved, must be attended.
  4. Pupils must have all necessary books, stationery and sports equipment at all relevant lessons – no sharing is allowed
  5. Homework must be done on time as instructed and the Academic Programme of the school is to be adhered to. The rules of classrooms and the library must be adhered to. Lost library books must be replaced or paid for.
  6. Chewing gum is totally banned.
  7. Each pupil is encouraged to take part in at least one extra-mural activity per term.. (As per covid regulations parents will be duly notified.)
  • Contravention of any rule which falls under Group A in the STC Code of Conduct will result in detention given to the offender.  Depending on the severity of the transgression the learner could immediately be asked to attend a disciplinary hearing,   After 3 detentions the learner will be reported to the Principal. A written record will be made and kept of this meeting  

STC School Hair Policy

The principles behind this new policy are neatness and simplicity

What Is Acceptable


Natural hair

     Short or long natural hair should be neatly combed or brushed at ALL times.

 Dreadlocks must be well maintained and clean. Only pencil size dreadlocks will be allowed.


Relaxed hair

  • Long hair must be tied at the base of the neck (at the back) in a neat single ponytail. This must not be flipped up to make a fountain.
  • A black or blue Alice band may be used to keep hair tidy.



Braided Hairstyles - extensions

  • Singles tied into a single ponytail.
  • Straight back braids. Must not be thicker than a pencil.
  • Bonding, long enough to be tied into a ponytail.
  • Braids the same as your natural colour will be allowed that does not touch the collar.
  • Reasonable shoulder-length braids will be allowed.



Plaited Hair 

  • All hair plaited


Hair Accessories

Only simple black/navy blue tie backs.

Only simple black/navy blue Alice bands.

Natural hair only

Shaved hair

Short hair, neatly combed or brushed at all times

Hair may not touch the collar or reach below the collar 

Must have schoolboy haircut; no man buns


  • Natural hair only
  • Shaved hair
  • Short hair, neatly combed or brushed at all times
  • Hair may not touch the collar or reach below the collar

What Is Not Acceptable


  • Natural Hair

    • Dyed (coloured) hair.
    • Shaved patterns cut into short hair.
    • A hairstyle of varying lengths.
    • Short dreadlocks.
    • No different lengths e.g. shaved at the back and long on the top (Undercut). Must be appropriate school girls hairstyle.

    Relaxed Hair

    No extreme hairstyles will be allowed i.e. funky hairstyles such as:

    • Beehive hairstyle
    • Waterfall hairstyle
    • No highlighted hair or dyed (coloured) hair
    • No gelling of hair (use of gel)


    Braided Hairstyles

    • No hair sticking up, hanging in or covering the face.
    • No big hair such as the dread bulk, hot water, beehive style, unboiled switch.
    • No highlighted or (coloured) extensions.
    • No fringe.
    • No braids that are touching the collar and are long.
    • No curly extensions.
    • No short bonded hair.


    Plaited Hair

          You may not plait sections of your hair whilst leaving other parts unplaited.


                  Hair    Accessories

    • No big bows, flowers or beads to be worn as hair accessories.


  • Plaited hair
  • Dreadlocks
  • Long hair touching the collar
  • Step haircuts (Mohawk)
  • Patterns cut into the hair
  • Hair of different lengths (e.g. longer at front or back)
  • Coloured or highlighted hair
  • No gelling of hair 

NB:  Learners with inappropriate hairstyles may be sent home.

Group B


  1. Holidays must not be arranged during the school term and doctor and dental appointments must not be made during school hours if at all possible
  2. School attendance is compulsory including at the beginning and end of the term (first and last day). If a child is absent on a particular day due to illness, the parent must phone the school before 8:30 am to report this.
  3. Bunking, or the non-attendance of school without a valid reason is a serious offence. -SERIOUS
  4. A letter of explanation or a Doctors certificate must be handed to the respective class teacher by a pupil on his/her return to school after absenteeism of any description. These letters etc. must be filed by the class teacher.
  5. All pupils are to take part in sports lessons held during school hours. Only valid, written excuses will be accepted. Parents will be notified about the rules and regulations of sporting activities once adapted.
  6. Pupils must be punctual for all lessons and school events, including the line-up and getting to class after the break. No loitering around the school premises is allowed.
  7. All learners must be at school by the allocated time. Kindly refer to protocol for parents’ documentation attached.
  8. Learners must be fetched at the given allocated time. Kindly refer to protocol for parents’ documentation attached.



Cell phones are not allowed to be brought to school by children.  If a parent wishes their child to have a cell phone on them for emergencies when travelling to and from school, they must notify the school office in writing and the child must hand the phone in for safekeeping before 07:40 am and collect it when they go home.  Children who are collected from the school by car or taxi may not bring phones to school.  No child is allowed to use phone watches.

The school will not accept responsibility for any cell phone brought to school.  Any phone found at school (except in the circumstances above) will be confiscated for 2 months and returned on payment of an R100 fine.  Other electronic equipment (e.g. CD players, iPods, earphones, MP3 players and any other technological equipment) may not be brought to school.  Toys may not be brought to school.   


  1. Pupils are to be courteous to staff members and their fellow pupils. Insolence and disobedience will not be tolerated. SERIOUS
  2. When moving about the school, pupils should move quietly, quickly and in an orderly way, keeping to the left on the stairs. SERIOUS
  3. Loud, inconsiderate behaviour will not be tolerated. -SERIOUS
  4. Swearing, Blasphemy, foul language and abusive language and threats are forbidden. -SERIOUS
  5. Pupils should behave in keeping with the ethos and values of the school whether inside the school, on public transport and outings-SERIOUS
  6. Thieving is absolutely not allowed at school.


  1. Once they have arrived at school, pupils may not leave the school premises until the end of the day for any reason without the permission of the Principal. They may not leave to purchase food from vendors of any description outside the school grounds nor from shops. Children staying at school for evening functions may not leave the premises. -SERIOUS
  2. Sanitary wear is to be disposed of in the bins provided.
  3. Permission by a teacher for a pupil to leave a classroom, for whatever reason, is necessary during lessons. -SERIOUS
  4. Pupils are to vacate the classrooms during break unless it is extremely cold and/or wet and permission has been granted by the Principal to be in the classrooms – Covid 19 break rules apply and learners are made aware of it.
  • If the learner continues to contravene the rules, which falls under Group A or B the Principal – at her discretion may call in the parents of the student concerned.
  • If the learner continues to contravene the rules which fall under Group A and/or B and has attended a Disciplinary Hearing, suspension or expulsion may result

Group C


    1. Stealing (or borrowing without permission), and cheating in any way are forbidden and will be extremely seriously dealt with.
    2. No drugs are allowed on the school premises unless prescribed by a Medical Professional. Being in possession or the bringing to school or on school excursions of illegal Drugs, smoking material, alcohol, pornographic material and weapons are forbidden. (Random drug and illegal material searches can be implemented at the discretion of the Principal).
    3. Weapons or any instrument which can in any way cause harm to others are not allowed.
    4. Plagiarism and copying are forbidden.
    5. No pupil may harm another pupil physically or emotionally. Bullying in any form, whether physical, emotional, verbal or by electronic means is forbidden.
    6. Pupils may not leave the school grounds during the day without the permission of the Principal or Acting Principal. Pupils must bring a letter from a parent or guardian when asking to leave the premises during the day AND PUPILS MUST BE COLLECTED FROM THE OFFICE AND SIGNED OUT BY A PARENT. – In Line with Covid 19 regulations parents will remain at the gate.
    7. Pupils may not wilfully damage or misuse property. This includes writing on walls, desks or toilet doors.  Parents will be held liable for all costs to replace or repair damage caused by their child, whether deliberate or not (eg. Broken windows etc). Although the punishment for all transgressions is at the discretion of the Principal and the Disciplinary Committee

    contravention of any of the rules especially if specifically indicated SERIOUS or EXTREMELY SERIOUS may result in expulsion


    Where an offence or crime is committed and the presence of the student at the school would disrupt order and discipline at the school and be to the detriment of the common good, this may result in expulsion


    After a disciplinary hearing, the staff of the Disciplinary Committee will recommend their decision and sanction to the Principal who will inform The Board of Governors about this.


    If a learner is expelled the Parents/Guardians of the learner may if they so wish appeal against the process which has taken place to the Board of Governors for a review of their child’s expulsion within 5 school days.


    A policy for the implementation of the Assertive Discipline Policy is used by the school


This document outlines STC policy for dealing with students who continuously fail to comply with the School’s Code of Conduct.


Learners are expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour and work ethic.  There are consequences to all actions and different sanctions will be administered according to the offence.


The staff and management at STC believe that this system allows students sufficient time and warning to ensure that they adhere to the school’s Code of Conduct and rules and become responsible for their actions and, in turn, retain their place at the school.


In addition, the process involves parents, affording them the opportunity to address any on-going behavioural problems.  Parents who are uncertain of how to deal with their children or are unable to cope with their unruly behaviour are welcome to speak to the Principal for advice. STC is proud of its long tradition of providing an education of excellence within a caring and nurturing environment. As an Independent school, STC has the right to insist on high levels of behaviour and self-discipline.  Disrespectful, devious and dishonest behaviour will not be tolerated


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