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Group C


    1. Stealing (or borrowing without permission), and cheating in any way are forbidden and will be extremely seriously dealt with.
    2. No drugs are allowed on the school premises unless prescribed by a Medical Professional. Being in possession or the bringing to school or on school excursions of illegal Drugs, smoking material, alcohol, pornographic material and weapons are forbidden. (Random drug and illegal material searches can be implemented at the discretion of the Principal).
    3. Weapons or any instrument which can in any way cause harm to others are not allowed.
    4. Plagiarism and copying are forbidden.
    5. No pupil may harm another pupil physically or emotionally. Bullying in any form, whether physical, emotional, verbal or by electronic means is forbidden.
    6. Pupils may not leave the school grounds during the day without the permission of the Principal or Acting Principal. Pupils must bring a letter from a parent or guardian when asking to leave the premises during the day AND PUPILS MUST BE COLLECTED FROM THE OFFICE AND SIGNED OUT BY A PARENT. – In Line with Covid 19 regulations parents will remain at the gate.
    7. Pupils may not wilfully damage or misuse property. This includes writing on walls, desks or toilet doors.  Parents will be held liable for all costs to replace or repair damage caused by their child, whether deliberate or not (eg. Broken windows etc). Although the punishment for all transgressions is at the discretion of the Principal and the Disciplinary Committee

    contravention of any of the rules especially if specifically indicated SERIOUS or EXTREMELY SERIOUS may result in expulsion


    Where an offence or crime is committed and the presence of the student at the school would disrupt order and discipline at the school and be to the detriment of the common good, this may result in expulsion


    After a disciplinary hearing, the staff of the Disciplinary Committee will recommend their decision and sanction to the Principal who will inform The Board of Governors about this.


    If a learner is expelled the Parents/Guardians of the learner may if they so wish appeal against the process which has taken place to the Board of Governors for a review of their child’s expulsion within 5 school days.


    A policy for the implementation of the Assertive Discipline Policy is used by the school


This document outlines STC policy for dealing with students who continuously fail to comply with the School’s Code of Conduct.


Learners are expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour and work ethic.  There are consequences to all actions and different sanctions will be administered according to the offence.


The staff and management at STC believe that this system allows students sufficient time and warning to ensure that they adhere to the school’s Code of Conduct and rules and become responsible for their actions and, in turn, retain their place at the school.


In addition, the process involves parents, affording them the opportunity to address any on-going behavioural problems.  Parents who are uncertain of how to deal with their children or are unable to cope with their unruly behaviour are welcome to speak to the Principal for advice. STC is proud of its long tradition of providing an education of excellence within a caring and nurturing environment. As an Independent school, STC has the right to insist on high levels of behaviour and self-discipline.  Disrespectful, devious and dishonest behaviour will not be tolerated


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