Registration Requirements

Application forms are available from the office. Please email to request an application form.

The following must accompany the application form upon submission

  • A non-refundable admin fee of R600 is payable with each application
  • Copy of the Parent/ Guardian / Sponsor Identity Documents
  • Birth Certificate of the applicant
  • Latest Report of the applicant
  • Passport size photograph of the applicant
  • Clinic card for grade  R- 3
  • Proof of residence ( not older than three months)

Admission Enquiries please send an email to



Admission Form

Financial Policy (School Fees)


School Fee Structure 2019

2019 School Fee Structure

The payment for the extra levy for 2018 which are for all students, are due no later than the end of January 2019.

Grade 00 – 3: R2000

This sum covers printing, work books, exercise books, stationery, school day trips, school photograph, and educational shows at school

Grade 4 – 7: R1800

This sum covers printing, retreats, sporting activities that your child will take part in during the year, exercise books, day school trips, school photograph, and educational shows.

Payment of this money is essential and parents are urged to pay it by the end of November 2018 or December 2018, the latest being January 2019.

Failure to pay the Levies timeously would mean your child will be excluded from all the above, hence we urge parents to pay this with immediate effect. The first school payment for next year is due on the 01 January 2019.

Please ensure that fees are paid and kept up to date.


Fees per annum

10 monthly payments

Paid in full

R 18 650

R 1865

Early Payment 5%

R17 717.50

By end of January 2019

Sibling Discount 7%

R17 344.50

R 1734.45


Please note that the levy is not included in the fees.

  • If fees are paid up in full before the end of January 2019 a 5% discount is offered.
  • We offer a discount for siblings i.e. The first child pays full fees but a 7% discount is allowed for the second and all subsequent siblings i.e. R17 344.50
  • We have tried to keep our fee increase as minimal and as affordable as possible and therefore for 2019 our increase is 6.57%.

Banking Details : Standard Bank

Fordsburg Branch | Branch Code: 005205

Account Number: 002 541 955 |REFERENCE: (child’s name and surname)

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