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COVID – 19 Protocols

COVID – 19 Protocols for Parents

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Covid-19 has determined our “new normal” in the world. What we once took as “normal” living has changed drastically. It is not only a new mindset that we need to adopt but also a new way of living.

As we plan for the new year we would like to ensure that all our health and safety measures are implemented to keep our staff and learners safe. This will depend on the co-operation of our parents and learners.

The learners have been broken up into 2 groups (Group A and Group B) to ensure that the school maintains 50 % of the attendance of the learners and to assist with social distancing.

The purpose of this protocol is to provide parents with safety measures and a screening tool to use every morning before learners are brought to school. This is just a guide and not intended to diagnose. Should there be a cause for concern, a healthcare professional must be consulted immediately.

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Let’s Learn

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It is important that we prepare our children for Covid-19 safety measures at school. They need to be taught about the virus according to their age. Children will comply with the new rules and regulations at school if they understand why they are implemented.

Speak to your children about the protocols they must adhere to when out in public or at school:

social distancing

Social distancing

Frequent washing of hands and sanitizing

frequent washing of hands

Coughing and sneezing etiquette

General personal hygiene

Sanitizing and washing of regularly touched surfaces

cleaning equipmentman wiping/ sanatizing desk



Personal Protective Equipment

Learners will be required to wear a cloth mask. No learner will be allowed to enter the school without one. Masks must be washed on a daily basis.

The school will be responsible for cleaning the facilities and hand sanitisers will be made available for all the learners in every classroom and at the entrance of the school.

Each learner will also be required to bring their own sanitiser to school to use as and when needed in class or on the field.

Gloves are not allowed. They need to be used in a clinical situation to carry out only one task at a time and then disposed of. Learners will be encouraged to sanitise their hands at intervals.


General Hygiene

Please ensure your child has a clean uniform every day for school. All clothes that has been worn at school must be washed on their arrival home, to this end the school has no problem with our learners wearing appropriate civvies to school on the day that their uniforms are being washed. Please no sandals. Only closed shoes or takkies.

All shoes worn must be cleaned daily.

School bags should be sanitized on their arrival home.

Learners should bath/shower daily and if possible, wash their hair.

The recommended handwashing protocols must be taught and practiced.

hand washing steps


Please ensure that your child brings the following to school every day:

  • Learners will receive their own pack of stationery (Junior Primary – Grade R-3). There will be NO sharing.
  • Packed Lunch. The tuckshop will be selling cooked food as well as crisps, chocolates and water will be sold.
  • Learners need to wear their proper school uniform to school. As this needs to be washed every day in keeping with cleanliness and hygiene standards they can wear appropriate a jeans and T-shirt on alternative days.

 Please remember there will be no sharing under any circumstances.

no sharing


Please DO NOT send your child to school if they display any of the symptoms below and if they have any flu-like symptoms.

It is important to screen yourself and your child every morning before coming to school.

Potential Exposure

In the past month have you, a family member that you have had contact with, or your child:



Travelled Between provinces?



Been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19?



Been to a clinic?



Been to a GP or any other healthcare professional?



Been Hospitalised?



If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then you and your child may have been at risk of exposure to the virus. Please monitor for symptoms and seek medical advice.

If you feel the risk of exposure is high, then please keep your child at home and consult your doctor.


In the past month have you, a family member that you have had contact with, or your child displayed the following symptoms:









Sore throat?



Shortness of breath?



General weakness/ muscle pain?



Loss of taste?



Loss of sense and smell?




If you and your child display any of these symptoms, please consult medical assistance immediately and keep your child at home. If you or your child tests positive for Covid-19 the school principal must be informed immediately so that appropriate measures can be taken. The school will ensure confidentiality, as far as possible, and provide support and intervene to prevent stigmatization. Please read our new policy “Policy combating stigma and mental Health”

Please keep your child at home even If they are sick with something else as their immune systems will be compromised. If your child is absent kindly contact the school.


Sore throat


Muscle Pain

Shortness of Breath

Loss of Taste

Loss of Sense of Smell


Procedure - Arrival at school


We must adhere to the drop off rules to make entry into school smooth and efficient.


  • The school gate will open at 7:00am- 7:55am for screening.
  • Lessons will start promptly at 8am.
  • No learner will be permitted to enter the school without a mask on.
  • Learners are to be dropped off at the Church parking and enter through the small gate.
  • Social distance protocols must be adhered as learners’ line up.
  • No parents, drivers, family members are allowed onto the school property.
  • Learner’s feet will be sanitized.
  • Learner’s hands will be sanitized.
  • Learners to proceed to take their temperatures. If their temperatures are over 37.5 degrees, the learner will need to go home. The learner will wait in the Isolation Room – until his/ her parent arrives.
  • Learners that are ill must return to school with a Doctor’s note.
  • Learners will then be asked a series of questions related to Covid-19 symptoms
  • A teacher will then lead the learners to their allocated classes where teachers will be waiting for our learners.

Procedure for departure from school/afternoon collection of learners

  • There will be staggered pick up times to avoid overcrowding at the entrances.
  • The gate will close after the last pick-up time. Please be prompt.
  • Learners are to go straight to the car and immediately go home.
  • There will be no extra murals until the school establishes a Covid-19 friendly mural roster. Parents will be notified.
  • Aftercare procedures will be communicated closer to the time and will be adhered to under strict conditions.

Procedure when learners arrive home

  • Shoes must be left at the entrance and sanitized.
  • Hands must be washed
  • School bags must be wiped down and sanitized
  • Masks MUST be washed daily
  • Learners to immediately shower/bath
  • All clothes to go into the wash


Procedure when parents need to meet teachers

  • No parent will be allowed onto the school property without prior arrangements.
  • Parents can forward an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 011 477611 to request that the teacher calls you back.
  • If an appointment is scheduled. The parent will be screened before entering the property and would need to adhere to social distancing protocols. This is ONLY in cases where parents cannot be video-called or have no access to email.
  • To minimize risks, you may be asked to wait in your car rather than the reception area.

Protocol when a staff member or learner tests positive for Covid-19

Should a learner or staff member contract the virus and is confirmed positive for Covid-19 by a healthcare professional through testing:


  • The staff and parents will be informed immediately
  • The school will close for 48 hours for a deep clean and disinfection of the premises.
  • The infected person will not return to school until he / she is confirmed negative and has a medical certificate stating that they can return to school.
  • Once at school they will need to use a medical mask for 21 days and will be closely monitored.
  • The school will co-operate with the relevant authorities to support the process of tracing and the department of education will be notified.


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